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Teacher Katherine participates in a Scholastic book program that lets us purchase discounted books and benefits her classroom (sign us up!). Jeff bought several and among them were slightly different levels of early readers. While D has been reading words in isolation, and he “reads” (picture reading and word reading) books sometimes alone at bedtime (is he reading or remembering the words?) , he’s yet to really own the process of reading words by himself.

Enter the Bob early reader series of books purchased as part of this program. Way to go Jeff; these have turned into a huge hit (partially because they are numbered, and D likes “unlocking” the next level–moving from book 1 to 2 for example. More on the great influence Lumosity soon!).

But also because…yes, he can read them!

Here he is reading his first entire book (book #1).


I just love the look on his face after he realizes what he just did. I didn’t say anything since I was recording, but believe me, after I stopped the video, we were all whooping it up.

He has since made it to book 5 in the series (with a little help).

I’m so proud of him, and so happy that the world of stories, knowledge, conformt and imagination is opening up to him. I can’t wait for him to get lost in a book.


  1. Grandma Beverly

    I’m so glad you got that on video. How amazing and I loved his beaming smile after! You have already fostered a love for books and coupled with the schools well planned reading curriculum Dash is destined to be a big reader.

  2. sherry

    A great learning tool. The love of reading is the key to an amazing future.

  3. sherry

    Jeff is a great Dad. Taking the time to sit with him as he learns is so important.

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