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Starring Role

Guess who portrayed The Caterpillar in the class play of The Hungry Caterpillar (in Espanol)?

Here it is, heavily excerpted and in two parts!


  1. Grandma Beverly

    So cute. Hungry little caterpillar! Dash is beyond sweet! You must be beaming with pride when you sit there and watch him perform so confidently. He is so adorable!!!

    I could eat him up! (Would I then turn into a beautiful butterfly)?

    • Maida

      Well, you might!
      I say this because we just learned that scientists actually don’t really know how the butterfly is created. They do know that it’s not what we all thought it was. The concept of the caterpillar getting into its chrysalis then turning into a butterfly is not really what happens. It turns out the caterpillar basically disintegrates in there, turning into a yellow goo. Then the butterfly is created out of the goo, a totally new being.

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