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Red, White and Blue

Dashiell noticed the flag was flying when we went to the grocery store today, on Memorial Day. We talked about the meaning of the holiday, that it’s a time to remember people who have “turned into trees,” either from “doing battle” or from just getting old.

We made a special dessert today that happens to look patriotic!

(gluten free, vegan, and delicious!)





  1. Grandma Beverly

    I have told the story several times when Dash thought I would be a tree when his dad is 64. I chuckle every time!

    Dash asked me how old I am. Then he asked Jeff how old he would be when his dad is 64. Then I asked Jeff how old I would be when he turns 64. Very calmly and sweetly Dash said, “Grandma you will probably be a tree.”

    I want to be a white Dogwood! (But not until Jeff is almost 64)

    • Maida

      Thank you for sharing that story!

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