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Turns out D isn’t the only one with a new obsession.

Those of you who have also been watching The Great British Bake Off will no doubt understand my new-found enthusiasm for home baking.

Of course it’s not that new after all. Both Amanda and I spent our early years toiling away at Gould’s Bakery (now renamed), and I’ve always enjoyed decorating cakes.

Here is this week’s submission for the judges: my successful attempt at making Chetna’s Orange Savarin cake.



Doing his best Paul Hollywood, Jeff pronounced it “over proved” and “over baked” but I found its deep golden color very close to perfect. And it tastes great! Unlike my previous attempts to make some of the more complicated cakes from the show, I am quite proud of it.




  1. GL

    Beautiful! I LOVE that program. You will have to get a wiggle on and bake another confection. I am pulling for Chetna!

  2. Ed

    Gould’s bakery closed a couple of years ago. It was a wonderful bakery with all fresh made items.

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