Well, here it is, first time on skiis!

I know, it’s not very exciting, but the exciting bits came later in the day, and the next day, when we skiied together down the bunny hill and even rode the chair lift several times! It was almost impossible to photograph or video, since the wind was blowing, fiercely at times, and the second day there were white-out conditions on the bunny hill. I’m amazed Jeff was able to take these! It was peaceful and gorgeous on other faces of the hill but there wasn’t time (or energy left) to bring D over there.

Here’s what happens after 2 days of first-time skiing, when you wait for a shuttle bus outside in a blizzard for an hour, and then you squeeze onto the bus, which is packed beyond capacity, down a dark icy road, embarking on 6 mile journey for 75 minutes.


Thank you to Austin (right) and to the man on the left (name unknown) and Eve (not pictured, but only inches to the left!) for your help, and to the nice people from Milwaukee who gave me updates of our progress, since I could not bring myself to look out the front window and watch us nearly slide off the road at least twice (and I couldn’t see anyway if I tried, since I literally could not turn around to see).

We also have some hilarious video of him sleeping sitting up, but it’s too dark to post here.