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Preparing for the Snow-Pocalypse

While doing holiday baking this season, D discovered he loves to play with “snow” aka all-purpose baking flour. Moving his cars and rescue vehicles through the blizzard, and creating crunch-ups, gives him (literally) hours of enjoyment.

When he was quite sick in the last weeks, I could judge how poorly he was feeling, if the option to play with flour wasn’t appealing to him…thank goodness that is behind us now and we are all mostly well for the holiday.

(And yes, the house is covered in a delicate mist of flour, but cleaning it up with his child-sized dustpan is also fun for him!)

Here is a special video, in three parts:




Enjoy the full version of Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters’s Mele Kalikimaka



  1. sherry

    So very serious and well dressed! And, of course, so cute. Hey, the second two movies are very short, are they supposed to be that way??

    • Maida

      Each movie should be about 1 minute long. Maybe try again?

  2. Beverly

    Dash has such a good attention span and very deliberate with his play. I am amazed he has learned each different sound for each rescue vehicle. Awesome! Bright, bright child!!!

  3. Beverly

    Bob laughed and laughed. He said Dash had the sounds down. When people don’t move they throw every sound at them. How perceptive.

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