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Skuut Success

I guess D really took it to heart when I told him that you sometimes need some speed to be able to balance: on roller skates, on skis, or on a bicycle.

Last week something about all this clicked for him. On an evening walk last week, the Skuut bike that had been propping up rakes in the garage called out to him. He built up some speed and started “riding” using balance, picking up his feet. It was amazing, it just happened, naturally.

(I think the foray into roller skating a couple weeks back also helped).

Here he is showing his building confidence!

I cut off the beginning of the video, in which I am being his “coach,” telling him to keep looking forward, keep his weigh centered, and only move the handle bars a tiny tiny bit. He also insisted I use the “green flag” at the starting line, signaling the beginning of the race…

It was on our first Mother’s Day that D started walking; for this Mother’s Day I get another physical milestone. At least for the moment, I can still keep up with him…thanks to Best Daddy Ever for getting this great shot on that beautiful day.


  1. grandma sherry

    WOW. Yes that’s how it happens for all of us, Now he’ll be able to ride a 2 wheel bike because he’s mastered the balance. What a nice Mother’s Day gift.

  2. grandma sherry

    Very nice and great doing 2 things at once. I love the part where he takes a big sigh and sings “I love the daffodils”.

  3. Grandma Beverly

    Bike balance at only 3! Wow, Dash can do everything! Amazing kid with 2 amazing parents!!!

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