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Progress Report

Miss Gayle posted a progress report for D at the close of the winter term:

Dashiell enters the classroom with his dad and hangs up his jacket. His dad watches as Dashiell chooses the color(s) he will use to trace his name. Dashiell uses his right hand and is practicing the correct pencil grip. He knows all of the letters in his name, and is beginning to recognize his classmate’s names. After he washes his hands, Dashiell and his dad give goodbye hugs which include lots of squeezes and silly sounds! Then it’s straight to the car bin to choose his favorite ones. Dashiell is so very kind and respectful to his teacher and friends, and he has made friends with all of his classmates. He shows empathy and wants to help others solve their problems. One day Dashiell was listening to two friends disagree on where to sit. He said: “I know! You can sit here and I can move over!” He is always happy and if there is a problem he is learning to ask for assistance from the teacher. During circle time he can sometimes get distracted, but with some reminders he is back on track. Dashiell participates in all group discussions and is patient while waiting for his turn to talk. He likes going to all of the specials and when asked which one is his favorite, he said: “I like to sing, so I like going to music with Miss Dana.” Dashiell enjoys playing with cars, trucks, trains, the popcorn bin, and the sand pit outside. On occasion he likes to dress up with his friends and dance. He also likes to read books. Recently he was looking at the pictures in the book The Snowman and said: “I would like to fly with this snowman too.”

I am looking forward to spending the next few months watching Dashiell grow with his new friends.

I was happy to see that Miss Gayle attached D’s fantastic self-portrait (D Self Portrait), which he did early in the fall! I was amazed to see this, because I thought figurative drawing came later in development. Miss Gayle said she had each child use a mirror and then draw what they saw!

Around this time, he and all of his other classmates also drew very realistic looking sunflowers.


  1. Grandma Beverly

    Proud grandmother here! I love his self portrait. I printed it for my fridge.

  2. Grandma Lori

    Home on a rare snow day. What could warm you more than reading about our sweet boy! So proud! Love the self portrait!

    And such wonderful caring parents.

    Love GL

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