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D Does the Duck Walk

The Young Gymnast jumps, rolls, follows directions with incredible attention, and waves up to us the stands occasionally, calling, “Hi Mommy, hi Daddy!”


I was struck at the second class by how well Dashiell can mirror what the teacher is doing. I think he has a good sense of his body already thanks to being exposed to yoga at preschool. He is willing to keep trying also, which I am happy to see, because I notice at home he often pleads with me to do things for him that I know he could do if he would try a bit more (working on that). So I am very glad we found this class, because I think it’s good for his confidence, and the foundation of skills translates to sports, dance, and even posture. And it will be great when the rain comes, when we can’t run around outside as easily…

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  1. Grandma Bubba

    He looks so grown up! He is so amazing and is like his parents who can (and do) anything!

    The place looks like so much fun! And he looks so flexible. You can tell he is really listening and studying his instructor.

    Do you have videos?

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