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Birthday Week

When your birthday falls on a Monday, you get to celebrate it all week, right?

We started things off right the weekend before with gymnastics class (see next post), fun times in the yard, and opening a present or two each day. D also helped bake his birthday cupcakes.

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes and goodies. We got so many packages that D now expects to have received something each time we pull in the driveway…”There a package for me?” We read each card and talked about who sent them; the cards from Aunt Amanda and cousin Victor made a big impression (firetruck, Thomas). D was so excited to receive real paint brushes (I have retired the baster) and new paints to experiment with that we painted all weekend. “Aunt” Jannine sent a coat that he has worn eagerly each chilly morning (so proud!); receiving it reminded him of a the backpack she’d given him back in January (!).

What is not pictured here is the bounty of books we received from Grandma Lori and Grandpa Weiss–thank you! We are gobbling them up with enthusiasm. Pictures to come! At some point we opened the remainder of Grandma’s Beverly’s firefighter-related gifts and they were quickly put to good use (D always has one of the firefighter toys in his hand and they also come with us in the car, in the crib, etc.).

On Sunday night we held an impromptu birthday party, 2013 style…

Birthday Party with 2 Grandmas


  1. Grandma Lori

    Modern family!

  2. Grandma Bubba

    What fun! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate my ipad for facetime!!! It was wonderful seeing him blow out his candles and all of us singing happy birthday to him!

    We all love him so much it is easy for us to want to send him things. And he has such a wide range of things he enjoys.

    Thank you for the 2013 style birthday party!!! I could almost taste that cupcake!

  3. Grandma Bubba

    Who painted the little Dash?

    • Maida

      We did that “together”–he told me what he wanted then I did the executing…he’s not quite brave enough to do it himself, I don’t know why.

  4. Grandma Bubba

    Although he is aware of all the various body parts and colors, it is awhile before they can put in all together in sequence. He is way too young to draw a person yet. I was quite taken back thinking maybe he had at a new 3. That level of drawing would be amazing at 5. But him watching you do it will help him put it all together.

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