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Early on the morning of the 4th, Dashiell was opening drawers in the buffet. When he found a baster, he quickly identified it as a paintbrush, and the inspiration struck the Young Artist. Then inspiration struck Mom–I tore up a cereal box already in the recycling bin and fashioned a palette.

Landscape painting early one morning

Landscape Painting Early One Morning

Mom's homemade palette

Mom’s Homemade Palette

Choosing Just the Right Color

Choosing Just the Right Color

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

Second painting--looks just like the new calla lilies out front!

Second painting–looks just like the new calla lilies out front!

Finished "Lilies"

Finished “Lilies”

The Actual Lilies

The Actual Lilies


  1. Grandma Bubba

    OMG…I love it!!! And it does look like the cala lillies! So sweet. Good job, Mom!

  2. sherry

    Wow, I love the calla lilies, hope you’ll save these!

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