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Spring Arrives

We’re having a gorgeous Spring–cold and wet, yes, and D has a cold to go with the season, but we are enjoying our brief forays outside when the sun peeks through and other quiet times inside snuggled up with a good book. Juicing a case of fresh oranges makes you feel like you’re in a sunny spot, so why not don your sunglasses?

As D gets more aware of his surroundings, and savvier about the ways of the world, he’s starting to get the “worries.” He still talks about the time back in November when Amanda and Grandma Sherry were here and the smoke alarms went off while he was napping, safe in his crib (thanks to a weakening blaze in the fireplace). It doesn’t help that at school they practice a fire drill every month. Couple that with his new love/fascination for Fireman Sam and it’s easy to see how he’s gotten a bit pre-occupied by the entire subject.

He’s had 2 nightmares in the last month or so as well, so now at bedtime, I give him ideas of good things to dream about. The one I use the most is imagery from a recent park we visited that was new to him: towering Ponderosa Pines, 3 slides perfectly sized for him but still very exciting, and an adjacent firehouse with an old-fashioned firetruck complete with real bell on the front (that they rang just for him!). I tell him that the firemen are close by and that they know him so he doesn’t have to worry…and the tall tall trees will keep him safe.

Taking a cue from The Sleep Lady, I’m also sure to tell him that we are close by and that we check on him at night and I tell him how peaceful and happy he looks when he’s sleeping.

He loves being in his crib, so I am working hard making sure it feels like a safe place. So far, so good: despite the two bad dreams, it’s still a struggle every morning to get him going. “I want back in my cwwwwiiiiib,” he moans when we lift him out…

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  1. Grandma Bubba

    Dash is a natural in front of the camera. So funny, so deep in thought, so cute!

    I’ve been in that line at the crossing guard!

    Can’t wait to play with him!

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