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Photo Shoot

The light was perfect last weekend to get outside and take some new pictures. We had the “good camera” out from Baby Sloane’s arrival, so we took it along…some of these I included just because they capture the color and the light of the Pacific Northwest in winter.

Click on any shot in the gallery to open a larger view, then use the >> and << buttons to navigate between photos. You can hit the "ESC" key to go back to normal viewing. What you see below are just thumbnails. If any one wants prints and/or high res e-copies, let me know what shots you like and I'll have them made up... [nggallery id=21]


  1. Grandma Bubba

    Dash is the happiest little boy! Your love for him just beams through his eyes!!!

    I especially loved the arty shot of Dash and Jeff peeking at the top of the yellow slide.

    Dash looks so grown up. Amazing how fast he is growing. Does he talk up a storm and ask a ton of questions?

  2. sherry

    I love them all! Would like prints of 3, 4 and 9, if it’s not too much hassle.
    If you put them on Picassa I can print them from there. Would be easier, I think.

  3. Grandma Lori

    Wonderful photos! Precious family and beautiful day!!

  4. Grandma Bubba

    It’s so hard to pick only a few!!! If you can I would like 1,4,7,9,10 and 20.
    I love them all! Thank you.

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