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Take My Picture!

Dashiell is so proud of his (now) long record of pottying on the potty. Since Fall began and we started potty training he’s made great progress, and on most days we have 100% success (except at night, of course. Have I mentioned lately how this boy sleeps 13+ hours a night and takes a 3 hour nap on weekends? The sleep gods are paying me back, and more).

And his speech has skyrocketed. Everyday he utters a sentence with words in it I never heard him say before. I have to work on writing them down, because I always forget them, I think because I am so distracted by my astonishment.

A couple weekends ago Miss Ashley from school came to babysit while Jeff and I went on a lunch and Christmas shopping date. Miss Ashley must have put his toddler potty right on the toilet, because after her visit, he insisted his floor potty be placed up on the adult potty. This new height causes some trajectory problems, however, and so D has been working on the new skill of aiming…

I think there’s something about being up high that makes Dashiell feel important and confident. The other day, while up on his throne after his nap, he said, “Take my picture!”

Take My Picture

(he then insisted on seeing how he looked by previewing the shot on the camera).



I guess this interest in how he looks on camera is no surprise; obviously we take a gazillion pictures and movies, then we have them playing on the TV sometimes through Apple TV. I hope we are not creating a serious narcissist. On the other hand, having the photos on the TV is better than watching TV, and it helps him remember the names of our family members.

Yesterday, we were at Starbucks (“cafe!”) having a midmorning snack (on Saturdays we often do this; sometimes at the New Seasons cafe if we are also doing the shopping) and D cried out, “Aunt Amanda!” when he thought he had spotted her in the coffee crowd. It’s been observed that we “see” the people we miss in strangers; I know D misses you, Amanda (and “cousin” Victor, too, whom he loves to point out in photos).


  1. Grandma Bubba

    Dash is such a ham! He knows when you are proud of him. I love his expressions!

  2. Amanda

    Dash played a fun game with me while I was visiting – i showed him my iPad photos and he kept switching the names “Mommy” with “Aunt Amanda” and vice versa. After i pointed out our eye color difference, i saw the mischievous glint in his blue eyes…..”me silly”!

    • Maida

      How funny! He is an iPad addict. Isn’t he good at the iOS gestures, like swiping? Soon he will be pinching to zoom in.

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