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Holiday Wonders

We pulled out the Christmas music box Grandma Sherry sent last year; now that he’s older, he can appreciate it more (although he still wants to pull out the figures and play with them). D has been carrying it around–even bringing it to the potty with him (a sure sign of fascination) and asking me to “‘ind it again” when it runs low).

Grandpa Ed & Grandma Sherry sent an exquisite gingerbread house that has been at the center of the table–and the center of conversation–since it arrived. When D comes downstairs in the morning and sees it on the table he inevitably gasps, “Woah, ‘innerred house!” Every night he is allowed to tear off one section as his dessert, and he gets one section in his lunch–wow! The gumdrops used are the real old-fashioned kind with flavors reminiscent of another, less industrial, time–orange ones are clove, purple licorice, and the white ones are mint. Yum! Thanks for this memorable and tasty gift.

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  1. Grandma Bubba

    That house is quite the treat. Yummy! What child wouldn’t love that!

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