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Summer Bliss

This week, October became a Summer month! On Monday it was about 83 degrees by the end of the day. We soaked up all we could get…see the video below, in 2 parts.

Can’t see the video? Click here for Part I, here for Part II.

t-shirt courtesy of a younger Otto (and spare clothes bin at school); “Cars” pull-up diaper courtesy of some other child at school…song by Sabrina Malheiros, Terra De Ninguem (Nicola Conte remix).


  1. sherry

    Run, run and have some fun!

  2. Grandma Bubba

    I think I saw a touchdown in there somewhere!

    Track? Rain or shine!

    Wish Eva and Murphy were there playing with him! Lots of laughter and screaming for sure.

    Every second of these videos is a jewel!

  3. Grandma Bubba

    I just want to grab that little guy as he is running past and kiss him!!!

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