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Transporter and Friends

Thanks so much Grandma Beverly and Grandpa Ed for the wonderful transportation-themed birthday gifts!

Here is a video, in 3 parts, of D playing with the new things. You may notice at the beginning that D can say “transporter” — for the Lightning McQueen car transporter truck. At the end, you’ll see D relaxing with the truck, and then he decides it’s time to put Transporter nite-nite, and so he’s off to find a book to read to him…

(lately he’s been reading to his toys, putting them to bed, and even feeding them!).

Part I
Part II
Part II

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  1. Grandma Bubba

    So cute. Dash is getting really good at independent play. He is the parent to his toys as what has been modeled to him by his parents. He enjoys and loves his toys and wants to make they happy and well cared for. A preview to his parenting skills in the future!

    Thanks for more videos!!! I eat them up!

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