We finally got back in the saddle for a proper bike ride. The comfortable cool weather and beautiful scenery made for a memorable Father’s Day…made even more memorable when we had to head back west-ward, into the wind.

The wind along the Columbia River Gorge birthed the sport of windsurfing, and it has challenged us a time or two. Being out among the wilderness, it’s easy to place yourselves in the shoes of Lewis and Clark, or Sacajewea, experiencing first-hand the intense challenges they would have had settling in this fertile and gorgeous–but windy–place. You also appreciate the phrase “batten down the hatches” in a deeper way.

Another thing we now appreciate is just how much D hates to have wind on his face…

But in the end he was a good sport and we made it back to the safety of the nearest parking lot, which is protected by the dike.

Dashiell also learned to say “head down” as he braced the oncoming wind.

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While we waited for Daddy to fetch us with the car, we designed D’s new album cover, for his upcoming release Applesauce on the Tracks.