It's all gotta go somewhere

Choo Choo

In an attempt to bring a little sparkle to an otherwise glum-weather holiday weekend, we embarked on an exciting voyage…

…a short train ride into the big city.

Turns out this is an extremely relaxing undertaking. You simply purchase your ticket at a computer kiosk, board, and settle into a hushed car.

The contrast with air travel could not be more stark.

Here is a short chronicle of our fun.


  1. Grandma Bubba

    The travelling man with his suitcase! How funny. Couldn’t tell what he was saying except hi to the travelers. You could see he was taking it all in. He has been on a bike, plane, train, car and wagon. Boat next? Hot air balloon? Space shuttle? (Oh yeah, he was in one).

    • BlueWoods

      He’s saying “Bridge” when we cross the river 🙂

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