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One Day Project

Over the last few years, since we moved into this house, we’ve been talking about making a small raised garden bed in which to grow veggies. It always seemed like too large of a project, until I read a “recipe” for a raised bed in Sunset magazine. After reading it, I still thought it was too big of a project…but Jeff felt sure he could buy all the materials and construct it in 1 day.

And we did!

Jeff did all the heavy lifting and I just did the end bits: planting our starts. Broccoli, kale, and beets went into the raised bed (we’d already planted containers with contain carrots, parsley, cilantro, and cabbage).

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  1. Grandma Sherry

    Wow, good job by all!

  2. Grandpa Ed

    Wow, great job on the new raised garden. Send the crew out here. We have a lot projects.

  3. Grandma Bubba

    Beautiful job working as a family! First class job!! How wonderful to have all that “free child labor”…as Jeff would put it! Is there anything he can’t do? What a hoot to see Dash wearing his sun hat working with a broom and rake. Loved the pic of him and Jeff taking a break on the lawn carpet. I felt like I was there but didn’t have to get my hands dirty. Thanks Maida!

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