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Evening Wear

Our girl went to the prom last weekend! And summer arrived at the exact moment (then quickly fled).

Here is a sweet moment.

(the tune is Larry Goldings covering The Beach Boys’ In My Room).


  1. Grandma Sherry

    She’s lovely!

  2. Grandma Bubba

    Lisa is just a pretty girl! I hope she enjoyed her prom!

  3. Grandma Bubba

    Dash giving Lisa the flowers is so sweet. All of you are going to miss her sooo much when she returns to Germany! I see many international visits in the future. She is a part of your family and heart now. I marvel at how mature and brave she is for her age. I see lots of accomplishments in her future. You and Jeff have been great US parents and mentors for her. I can’t imagine how Dash is going to feel when she is not in his everyday life. Thank God for technology and video chats!

  4. Grandma Lori

    Beautiful girl! Beautiful gown! Handsome florist!

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