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February Portraits

Are here!

When Dashiell was born, Chris Bennett sent the adorable sailor outfit you see in the first shot (thanks again Chris!). I wanted him to wear it for Easter, but I don’t know if it will fit him then. So at least it’s documented in this sweet portrait. It’s nice to see him in something that makes him look younger!

So all in all, these shots aren’t as good as the ones from this Fall, but I think they are still darn special.


  1. Grandma Sherry

    These are wonderful, I love, love, love the one with the tie and the bare feet. I must have it!!!! So cute!

  2. Grandma Bubba

    I just want to kiss all over the screen when I see this beautiful charming boy!!! You could have him model clothes or be on TV. He loves the camera. Mom said she has never seen a picture of him not smiling or laughing.

    I love him soooo much!

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