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Dashiell is now stringing together 2 and 3 word phrases, and incorporating signing also. A couple weeks ago, on the way upstairs to start the bedtime routine, he said “I go…” and then did the sign for “sleep.” He recognizes when the cat is sleeping (and often tries to lay down on top of her) and I’ve also noticed in the past couple of months that he understands illustrations more as more (as opposed to photos, which are easier to comprehend). He can look at a drawn image of a sleeping animal and recognize the act of “sleep.”

We often watch the trailer for the film Chimpanzee, and Dashiell loves the bit at the very end where the baby chimp is sleeping on his poppa.

We’ve also heard: “I turn on light” (said as if 1 giant word, when reaching for light switch–still a big favorite!).

He’ll pretty much imitiate anything you say now, without necessarily knowing the meaning of the words. But he’s also got new words that he knows the meanings of, like: broom, school, blueberries, milk (surprisingly difficult to say), Grandma (he’s saying this clearer now), pig, polar bear, hide, plane, and once or twice: sky. When we say and sign “friend,” he says the name of a friend at school.

We are keeping up with signing, and Dash is practicing signing “bird.” New signs he has mastered (but sometimes lazy about) “Daddy”, “Mommy” and “milk” (milk came very late; most kids learn this one early on).

Even though he has so many vocabulary words, it still makes me smile when he points and grunts. And everyday I am amazed all over again about his level of comprehension. He has responded to commands like “throw this in the trash” for several months, but I marvel at how he understands when I say something he’s only heard maybe once, like, “Let’s go get the mail,” and he trots down the driveway. Another funny thing is that when he hears a word mentioned in another context, he related is it to his world. Last night, Jeff asked Lisa if we needed to buy tennis balls for her new sport. Dash headed into his toy room and fetched some of his own balls…

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  1. Grandma Bubba

    I can’t wait to see Dash again. I know I will be blown away by how much he has learned! Can you catch him on video talking or signing? I soooo want to see him!!!

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