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As my friend Jannine once said: “Sometime’s a girl’s gotta buy retail.”

Last week, as I was preparing for Dash to have his portrait taken, I realized we were lacking matching shoes for his picture outfits. Shoes are not easy to buy second-hand (as we buy most of his clothes, that is, when we’re not wearing Otto’s hand-me-downs), so I found myself at Nordstrom’s browsing the vast array of eye-catching infant shoes. And I caved, and bought some trendy Toms, because they’re just so darn cute. They didn’t have D’s size (6 and growing), so I had to special order. They didn’t arrive in time to make it into the portrait, but at least we’ll get a few weeks out of them before his feet burst the seams…

I’ve been packing away Dashiell’s old clothes, jammies and shoes. For months I was putting the things I knew I wanted to save in a giant pile in his closet. I finally went through the pile and moved more things to the “Goodwill” pile. Still, I had lots of things to keep…probably too many, but there were things I just couldn’t part with. And then there was one item I couldn’t even bear to put away in a dark closet, so they’re sitting on my desk instead:

These fluffy wonders were knit by my Mom, and I think Dash wore them once. When they fit him, it was all I could do to simply get him dressed, much less put something special on him. I sure wish I had taken the time then.

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  1. Grandma Sherry

    They look comfortable, Grandma wants some too.

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