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A couple weeks ago, just before Dash got sick, Lisa and I went to see the film The Descendants, partly because she is going to Hawaii soon (!!) and partly because it’s gotten so much buzz. I’m a big fan of the director Alexander Payne and try to see everythng he makes. It’d been over 2 years since I’d stepped foot in a movie theater, so it felt like an extremely luxurious thing to do with 3 whole hours. Even though the theater was a crappy mall one, the print was a mess, and the people behind us talked through much of the film, it was an excellent experience. This is a beautiful (but intense) film with an amazing cast, an enchanting soundtrack and riveting story. It’s also very educational regarding Hawaii, and thoughtfully meditates on what it means to be Hawaiian, and, by extension, American. The one low point was the cinematography; the film was shot by the ever-pedestrian Phaedon Papamichael (it could perhaps be said that although he brings no vision to the film, just the fact that he is a Greek American–as is Payne–maybe makes him a good choice for a film about the idea of “home”).

Since then, the music has been floating around in my brain, and I’ve been “singing” the songs from the film (in made-up Hawaiian) to Mr. D. I couldn’t resist using the song “Leahi” in this video; the song is about the wonder of Diamond Head, the volcano on the big island of Oahu (“Leahi” is the Hawaiian name for the volcano)…the video itself is from Christmastime. Dash has since gotten much more adept climbing “mountains”!

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  1. GL

    What a talented boy! Love the Dash Documentaries! I’m smiling!
    XOXOXO From a proud GL!

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