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Christmas with Grandpa

Dash got an extra gift this year: a vist from Grandpa Ed. Dashiell definitely remembered Grandpa and was excited when I told him Grandpa was coming to visit on an airplane. They had fun playing with Dash’s new trains, blocks and books. I saw Dash on Grandpa’s lap at least twice asking him to read to book to him; when we took separate cars, Dash asked several times about Grandpa’s wherabouts.

We spent a (rainy but still pretty) Christmas day at Skamania Lodge.

Dad also helped us get the toy room organized; after all the additional toys I realized we had all these great new things but no where to put them. It was time to get rid of the changing table/dresser in the toy room anyway. A trip to Ikea solved all our problems, and when Dash and I came downstairs after a long nap, the room had been transformed by some hard working elves (thanks Dad, Lisa and Jeff!)!

Now we have a chance of walking around without tripping over something.

Finally, we braved the rain and wind to make a visit to Oregon Zoo Lights, a holiday tradition in these parts. The Oregon Zoo gets transformed by a million lights, and a train takes you around the entire zoo to see each display.

Thanks for spending the holiday here, Dad!

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  1. Grandma Bubba

    Dash really has a connection to the people around him. Most kids are in their own little world and don’t think too much about who is there and who isn’t. But Dash is very aware.

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