At school yesterday, the kids “made” Christmas ornaments that were incredible!

Dash’s teacher said he was the only one who managed to sit still long enough for the hand tracing bit, so his turned out the best.

He loves going to “school” these days. He gets excited and smiley when we pull into the parking lot. He knows the names of all his friends there and of course his teachers. He is transitioning into the next stage classroom, where he knows almost all the kids already, and the teachers, too, because in the Fall they all played together outside.

Today he’ll be giving each of his 4 teachers a small Christmas gift and a note of thanks for all the special care. He has learned so much, and his signing has really taken off. He now signs “Daddy” regularly, and that’s a tough one (he has never spoken “Daddy” much for some reason). He also signs “please” and is starting to understand he should add “please” to the end of his requests (demands!).