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Thanksgiving in Kansas City

We braved the holiday crowds, flew 4 hours each way with a busy little guy, saw nearly every single family member possible, cooked a turkey, shopped on Black Friday and emerged unscathed! Thanks to Don and Lori for their patience with our young weary traveler (who put on quite a show, being Mr. Personality, but kept Mom and Dad on pins and needles with sleeping matters). Lisa was a big help–thank you to our girl!

On Wednesday, we had an exciting day at Grandma Beverly’s house and Dashiell got to meet his Great Grandma Pape (from whom he may get his blue eyes and curly hair, along with Grandma Sherry), and lots of other people he’d never met or didn’t remember. Thanks for your hospitality, Beverly. Thanks to Katie and Roger and Deanna for the sweet gifts for the boy!

Dashiell has no problem remembering any of his Grandmas. At Grandma Beverly’s house, he singled her out in a group photo on her fridge. He does this at home with Grandma Sherry. He loves all of his Grandmas! As we pulled out of town, Dash seemed to understand we were headed to the airport, and he asked several times, with his hands up in the air, eyebrows raised: (Where is) Grandma?


  1. Grandma Bubba

    Was Dash ever a “baby”? He rocketed straight to a little boy, skipping being a toddler. His understanding of the world is so amazing. I really do believe he sees love when he looks deep into the eyes of his grandmothers. What a special soul. I love, love, love him. Thank you to his awesome parents for bringing him to us!!! It was also nice to meet Lisa. She is a brave young girl and very sweet.

  2. BlueWoods

    It’s true–it’s hard to remember D being a “baby.” He’s been ready for adventure since the moment he was born! Thanks again for our day together!

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