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Life in Real School

Dashiell has adjusted to school pretty well. He loves the social aspect and it seems like he comes home with a new skill every day. The latest is him trying to describe how his teeth feel; he hits himself in the head and says: “owwwwww.” He definitely did not learn that at home!

4 upper teeth are cutting now–the two incisors and the 2 first molars. We expected just the first molars at this time (14 months old) as seen on this chart, but we seem to have skipped to the “16-23 months” section (but only for the top). This has been in the making for months–with lots of false starts. But now they’ve all broken through, and we’re again amazed that he is experiencing every single possible teething symptom: face rash (just cleared up), lots of extra pooping, waking up in the night, wants to nurse more (or not nurse at all), drooling…poor little guy can’t help but be a little crabby. Still, he puts on a happy face. The teachers at school have all remarked on how happy he is. I think he is the “ring leader” in his class–his height is probably a factor there. He’s now 33″ tall (!) and easily towers over all the other kids in the class.

But again we struggle with sleep in school. Never having been one to sleep easily, all the stimuli of “school” doesn’t help our cause. Today we had a breakthrough and he got 2 naps at school. Although I ask his teachers to try to nap him twice every day, this is only the second time is has actually happened (the classroom policy only supports 1 official lights-out-and-everybody-nap time, argh). The school is trying to be supportive (I took a sick day last week just to get him caught up on his sleep–and me on mine, since we’d been up so much in the night!)–to drive the message home, they took this snap of him today.

And here are some masterpieces done at school:

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  1. Grandma Bubba

    I can certainly see Dash being the ring leader. Get used to it. He is always going to be a leader. You can just see it in his eyes and the way he handles himself. He is charming and pulls people in with his radiant smile and zest for adventure. I think he is amazing and a reflection of his amazing parents.

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