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Mom and Dashiell

So for years now I’ve been hanging on to a bunch of Edwards (my Mom’s side of the family) artifacts. Prints, newspaper clippings, negatives, positives, even some plates from a yet-to-be-determined era. I’ve got them all organized…in a box…in the basement. They move from basement to basement, and get stuck on a shelf, next to all that 16mm motion picture negative (sigh).

But now that we have a working scanner again, I am determined to at least make mediocre archives of these things. And I’ll be taking old things out of frames and digitizing them. I have very little wall space, and, besides, more people can see them once they’re on this blog.

I’ll start by showing you how much Sherry looks like her Dad, Bob Edwards. I had to use this high school portrait of my Mom, since the scanner is nice and warmed up now (and I love this picture of you Mom)!

See the long eyes?

It was my Grandma Lori who first noticed that Dash looked a lot like my Mom, and this was when Dash was really tiny still. I thought then that he looked more like Jeff (who also has long long eyes), and saw that he definitely had my nose (which comes from Winifred Sussman, pictured in my last post), but the older her gets, the more I see the Edwards resemblance.

And here is a shot of Mom as a toddler! Now we see the origin of Dash’s blond ‘fro!

I need to get a good shot of the two of them together and then my hypothesis can be better tested…

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  1. grandma sherry

    Yes, when you see the pics together, you can see the likeness. Thank you so much for the post. Made me cry (in a good way).

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