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Going Home

Like many children, Dash is drawn to the water, even the roaring icy cold Pacific Ocean. Although his napping is getting better as he gets older, it still helps to have some fallback tricks for ensuring naps are not missed. The ocean is by far the best remedy, as demonstrated now in two trips to the coast. It is almost magical in its power. On brisk mornings, with the damp still in the air, we would wrap him on us using the Didymos sling and take him walking along the surf. He would inevitably collapse into deep sleep, lulled by the song of the waves and the misty breeze.

When I was in labor, I had a strong image of the contractions being like waves from the ocean, each one delivering Dashiell closer to shore, to our arms.

So when we visit the ocean, I tell him we’re going to vist the place he came from. He seems to understand (his second word was “dolphin,” after all). In any case it is a place that totally relaxes him, and he can’t get enough of the water, like his Mom. After “swimming,” he would always try to get back to the waves, out of our embrace and back into the long arms of a wave.

He is looking like a surfer these days, with his white-blond hair and his tan cheeks. I can see him as a beach dude, someday, tall and lean and at one with the sea.

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  1. grandma sherry

    Love your imagery of the sea and labor. You always loved the water, drawn to it just like Dashiell. Hope you find time for a (at least) weekly swim.

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