Dear Shelli,

There is so much I want to tell you before I go to Big Boy school! But first, can I play with the knob on the dryer? How about the thermostat? Better yet, let me splashy splash in Pepper’s water dish. Please?!

Shelli, you have taught me so much about talking, walking, eating, drinking, dancing and being gentle with animals. And you tell so many good jokes! I think you are hilarious. I am grinning from ear to ear now just imagining how happy I am when we sit at the table and you sing “Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dasheill…”

I love going to your house and hanging out with you and Pepper, and now Maddy, too. When Mom brings me over in the morning, I get so excited when I see your front door. I like the way your carpet feels between my toes–it helps me go, go, go faster. I like all the good smells at your house too, and the nice breeze that comes in through the window while I sleep. I will miss listening to Maddy playing piano and hope they have a piano and other instruments at my new school.

But the thing I will miss the most is the many hours we have spent napping together. Thank you for holding me close and making me feel safe and loved. It has meant so much to me (and my parents, too).

I love you, Shelli,