For the last couple of weekends, we’ve stopped in at Cafe Sip ‘n Play, a local spot for kids and coffee. We have lunch in the cafe then enjoy all the new toys. On his first visit, Dashiell went right for his (then) favorite thing: a (toy) banana. It was so funny–out of what must be a gazillion toys, he grabbed something he recognized.

But then, he discovered his new favorite toy: a mini shopping cart. The perfect “vehicle” for our young walker, we could barely tear him away. He exhausted himself and fell asleep in the car afterward. Click here if you cannot see the video load in the object below.

So enthralled was he, we returned the following week. This week, we splurged and bought him one for at home!

He can steer, reverse (“beep, beep, beep!”) and is very focused on the direction in which he wants to go.

He’d had some practice; an early version of this game was “School Bus,” where we’d pick up “kids” and drop them at school, then take them home at the end of the day: