Dashiell has mastered his first sign (as in ASL, American Sign Language): “more,” as in, “more food, please!” To see how to sign more, click here.

(A few months ago we attended a great ASL for Infants workshop given by our local expert Shira Folgel, aka Tiny Talkers. “Friend” her company on Facebook and get a video sign a week!)

It was great to have “real” communication going both ways! It helps to have an inspiring fruit nearby. Bananas make him…well, bananas. So he signs “more” and cheers “‘anana!” Maybe I will be able to get some video of him in action soon. He is getting so aware of the camera that it is getting harder and harder to get good footage of him…

One of the reasons I started this blog was to share videos of his funniest moments. Tonight he tried to use his finger on Dad’s lips to make the washboard sound, and I missed it! I’ll have to try for “more” again tomorrow…in the meantime, here’s an oldie (April 11, 2011), but a goodie.

(As usual, if you don’t see the video in the box below, click here to play the video in a new window).