Dash is too young to participate in Dozer Day, a charity event in our neighborhood that lets kids “drive” bulldozers and other boy magnet vehicles. But he has learned over the last month or so how much he likes to make things “go.” Whether it’s “driving” his toys around the house or flinging balls into the air, he’s starting to appreciate the thrill of…if not quite “speed” yet, at least motion.

When we were in Santa Fe in December, honorary Aunts Janice and Sydele gave Dash a stuffed dolphin. He didn’t think much of it at the time, but then we got a second stuffed dolphin, “Dozy Dolphin,” which plays 4 different tunes that are supposed to help him sleep (this was one of the many things we tried during those nights a few months ago when he was waking every 2 hours). Mr. Dozy didn’t help him sleep, but we play with the two dolphins all the time, and “dolphin” was Dash’s second word. Making the dolphins “play” and “dive” is very interesting to Dashiell, and I’ve found that showing him video of real dolphins has a very calming effect.

So these are Dolphin Days for us. Having trouble sleeping? Check out this peaceful footage of dolphins playing with air bubbles that they make themselves.

Speaking of dozing, look who’s Dozing with Dad.