Grandma Sherry sent a sweet care package with some gifts to commemorate my first Mother’s Day, and amongst the goodies was a cool bib for Dashiell. It’s made out of vintage oilcloth with a cowboy theme and nice zigzag stitching. We really needed bibs, and I love the ease of the oilcloth. I am a sucker for the old fabrics so this stole my heart.

What’s for dinner, you may ask? First we’re serving an appetizer of apple slice (pictured). Next up: blue kabocha squash and cauliflower. Kabochas are coming into season–grab ’em while you can! I think the blues are the best–velvety and not too sweet. Dash agrees!

Mom eats hers with some unsalted Irish butter and Fleur de Sel from The Meadow. After reading his book Salted, I’m now a Mark Bitterman disciple. Do yourself a favor and pick up a starter set of their fine sea salts, and you’ll be joining me in throwing out your table (and Kosher) salt for good. Although I live just across the river from his shop, I haven’t had time to get in there. They also sell chocolates and flowers; I think I am subconsciously avoiding the store because I will be tempted to scoop up everything in sight. What a dreamy business!