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Rock Band Camp 2018

These kiddos came up with a band name and learned 5 songs in 1 week, rotating instruments. The camp culminated in a performance on the last day of the camp!

I know this took me some time to get posted…but I think it is well worth the wait!


The Burning Walls are:

Dashiell, Aiko, Daniel, Charlie, Liam and the unforgettable Olivia & Margaret (born for stardom) on most lead vocals, with backup support from teachers Shara and Jason

The lineup:

  1. Electric Avenue –  Eddie Grant (Olivia and Margaret on vocals, Dashiell on keys, Aiko on bass, Daniel on sound effects, Charlie on drums, Shara on addnl keys, Liam on guitar
  2. Psycho Killer – The Talking Heads
  3. We Will Rock You – Queen
  4.  The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) – Star Wars, John Williams
  5. Confident – Demi Lovato



  1. Rock on, Wayne!

  2. Adorable! However, can’t shake the ear worm Electronic Avenue. Thanks a lot!

  3. How fun! So young and developing such varied skills. You can tell they worked together well to learn 5 songs in one week. Well done!

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