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Culminating Event

At D’s school, at the semester end, the school holds a “Culminating Event,” which really means Open House, where parents, Grandparents and special friends are invited to school for a program.

First the preschoolers sing onstage, then there are activities in each classroom.


In the Mazama II classroom, we were treated to a Circle Time song, in which each child demonstrated a way to “play drums.” To all of the adults’ surprise, each child found a unique way to make sounds with their 2 sticks. In this video I have only shown a few children but hope you’ll get the idea.

(In editing this video, I noticed D anticipated Samara’s drum move; I imagine there had been much practicing before we arrived!)

By far the best part of the day came next. Each child gave their family a tour of all the subjects that have been studied this term, all neatly arranged at different stations around the classroom. Each child used a checklist as an aid to show us each station. I was really impressed with the thoughtfulness of the presentations, and D was really into his clipboard! So into it that I plan on fixing us up a nighttime routine check list, in an ignite some interest into things like teeth brushing and Flo-venting (D’s inhaler).




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  1. Bow tie, clip board, and portfolio at four. This boy will go far!

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