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Polar Vortex

As we huddle in our cozy house, and icy wind lapping at our panes, I find a good moment to finally scan in some summer art. As Frederick says, in the darkest days on Winter:


“Close your eyes,” said Frederick, as he climbed on a big stone.

“Now I send you the rays of the sun. Do you feel how their golden glow…”

And as Frederick spoke of the sun the four little mice began to feel warmer.

Was it Frederick’s voice?

Was it magic?


(And thanks to Tricia for introducing us to the world of Leo Lionni)


  1. Can I have the blue and white one for my bathroom?

    • Maida

      December 21, 2014 at 12:11 pm

      Unfortunately I didn’t keep it; I scanned it in and tossed it, since my “memento” basket is full. I need to go through it and clean out some older things, that might seem less precious now that time’s gone by…I did keep the sparkly pink footprint, if you want that?!

  2. Beautiful,

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