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Birthday Portraits

Check out the nice work from Yuen Lui. Many thanks to Mom for buying us a photo subscription there.

Let me know if you’d like prints!



  1. These are wonderful, they do great work!!! And you had him dressed just perfectly…my favorite with a tie. Thank you. And do I want prints? You bet, just have to figure out which ones. You should submit these to modeling agencies for sure.

  2. OMG…I want them all!!! He is gorgeous! I just want to kiss and hug on him. He is so model material! I bet he could earn his college education! He has such warmth and sweetness in front of the camera. I would buy anything that kid is selling!

  3. Grandma Beverly

    May 13, 2017 at 1:44 am

    I’m from the future. Dash has shot up in the last two years but still as adorable! So beautiful!

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