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Hungry for Words

Our little bunny is expressing himself with distinction! Here are some recent gems.

“Maybe someday we can get married together…because we’re good dancers.” (stated to Mom, while dancing to Despicable Me 2’s version of the wedding standard YMCA)

“Is this the wrapping paper of the blueberry?” (holding up berry’s skin)

“I didn’t eat all of my lunch. When you look in my lunch box, you’ll see what I mean.”

“Let’s read ‘Counterpane’.” (referring to Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem, Land of Counterpane)

Here he is reciting a song that was new to me, this evening during hand-washing! I was very surprised to understand each word the first time through.


  1. What a cute story teller!!! I am laughing out loud! He is so precious!!!

  2. Wow, I too could understand every word. And, what an expressive rendering of that great poem too.

  3. I just had to watch that again! I should start my day out everyday by watching him! Still laughing out loud!

  4. Oh, my! I could put the video in a loop and watch all day! I want to hug him right now!

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