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New Fort

Well, it was a holiday (Labor Day weekend), so that meant Jeff must construct something…

Check out the frame he made for D’s new “fort” in his room…

I’m going to sew the “tent” material so it stays in place–the fabric you see is just something we threw on for now. I’m also going to make a thin mattress that will fit perfectly on the fort’s floor. We are thinking this might be a fun way to transition D to sleeping in a bed…a looooong time from now (he is still happy in his crib).

And here’s a video (in two parts; Part I and Part II) of D in action.


  1. What a sweet fort! You can sure tell Dash is thrilled with it. His special little space will bring him comfort and fun! Comes complete with the stars in the sky and stars on his pillow. Lucky little guy.

  2. What a wonderful Daddy. Everybody loves a fort. The first shots when Jeff asks “who’s in there” are hilarious.

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