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Train, Train

Grandma Beverly sent us a selection of train-related gifts, including an Engineer’s outfit (overalls, hat, and kerchief), more trains, more track, a groovy intersection piece of track, and a train whistle. Thank you so much!

Here we are exploring all the items Beverly sent (can you see the big box???!). In the background you can see a gorgeous outfit from G & G Weiss and the Duplo legos from them. Thanks!

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  1. The whistle sounds better when Dash does it! Loved the way he clapped after using it. Wish I was there to sit on the floor and play with his trains with him! That was so much fun!

    Can’t wait to see him in his engineer outfit. Didn’t know what size to get him because his is so slim and tall. Hope it fits him OK. He may not understand it is a train outfit but everyone around him will and he will be the star!

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